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As mentioned in my personal community, turquoise_moods, my internet stopped working permanently for awhile, so I had to stop working on this community yet again. Continuing health problems kept me from coming back to continue or, at least, pronounce this community closed.
I will now say that this community is closed, at least for now until I have a stable internet connection again. In a few years, it may even be closed permanently, just so it's not another disappointingly-dead community that looks alive at first.
Thanks for all the requests and memberships over the years. Thank you, sapphire_heaven, for all you contributed which was so very much.
Here's hoping it won't be closed permanently.
Thanks again.

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Request - carnivorous plants

I hope someone is still here to do requests. I would love to have an animated moodtheme for my community which is about carnivorous plants. A venus flytrap goes without say but there are also Sarracenias which are North American pitcher plants and Nepenthes the Tropical pitcher plants that I would like in this set. I don't want anything too silly or goofy. I'd like them to be tasteful like the bird ones I have seen here that are so nice. I hope someone can help.
safira fall

I'm working on it!

Hi everyone!

Recently all of my moodtheme links crashed, that is because the file site I used to host these themes ( got shut down and so none of the links work anymore.

I'm in the process of relocating all the moodthemes I made to Mediafire. But if anyone has suggestions for a more easily accessible site (some people have messaged me saying that certain sites are blocked in their country) I would be happy to hear it. I am restoring the links starting from the earliest community entry and working my way up to the most recent one.

Sorry for taking so long to respond, things have been very hectic and stressful for me lately. I'll post an update entry when I finish all of them.

Edit: Nearly all of them should be working again except for about 3 entries which I need to find the .zip files for.
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safira fall

Expired Links

Hi everyone!

Sorry for all the expired links recently, the site I hosted all my moodtheme files on temporarily disabled my account because I didn't sign into it within the last 30 days. I re-signed into it and re-uploaded some of the links that have been missing so all the moodtheme downloads should be working again.

I apologize for the inconvenience, and if there are any of mine that are still not working please leave a comment and I'll go look for their .zip files and restore them.
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So these themes are pretty awesome and I just recently came across this community. But a lot of the old posts don't work anymore so, derp. I was wondering if anyone has the dark snake theme by any chance? I'd be ever so grateful to anyone who could re-upload it for me~

And thank you guys for making such awesome themes! /slinks back into the shadows
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Hi there. I love these themes and have downloaded many of them, but it seems that the links are broken for some of the older ones. Would anyone be so kind as to re-upload them? Specifically, I am looking for the Raven and Golden Eagle moodthemes.

Thank you so much,
Amanda. :)

EDIT - Resolved thanks to thagirion. Thanks!


Is there anyone that might be willing to take on a mood theme challenge to do some Australian shepard pixels for me? Or the default of the community I see is a cute cat, is there a dog version as well? Links please forgive im new.
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