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Pikachu Mood Theme

I'm posting a Pikachu moodtheme that I made recently. I see a lot of Pokemon mood themes around here and I wanted to contribute, I hope that's alright. :3 Before anyone uses I ask for just a few things:
- Please credit pikachhu . I don't care where the credit is, profile or layout, but it needs to at least be somewhere.
- Pleaaaase don't hyperlink. No one will be able to see them here if people use the bandwidth.
- If you use it, comment it. :D

Some of the moods in the download have a direct title that will point you to which moods they go. Not every mood has one that specifically can only go for that mood, (for example "loved" isn't really attached to "flirty", but the pictures are appropriate so I put them there on my theme). If you're unsure of which go where, just look at the full preview. :)





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What the what?

Sorry about the spam. It seems that diet_man's journal was hacked.
Is there anything I can do to prevent spam?

What is up with all the spam of late??? I wonder if any other communities are suffering from this
internet ailment or if we're just lucky, here at cute_moodthemes...

EDIT: Thanks, you guys.

{Up and Running}

Progress is continuing on the mood themes I have taken on, now that my computer is up and running again! Yay!

Thanks for all your patience. I have learned so much and grown a lot in my pixel work through this community. I'm so grateful to sapphire_heaven for her wonderful pixeling talents making this community what it is. I am definitely a turtle when it comes to making mood themes, but I get it done, eventually. :)

Don't forget: if you have are one of the requesters under my list, you can check turquoise_moods for updates on progress.

Request of something orient =3

I've looked and looked, and I can't seem to find any kitsune based themes. Some fox ones, but none with the "kitsune" feel to them.

So, here I go with a description. If you know about kitsune, this is much easier. ^^;

It's been placed under here so as not to stretch anymore.Collapse )

EDIT EDIT: I am a kitsune nut. I requested that number for reasons of my own. If the artist makes it a nine tailed kitsune, that is also fine. =3


Request - Canine Sesshoumaru

Hello! I'm the moderator of dokuga_contest, which is a drabble/oneshot contest community in the InuYasha fandom, and I was hoping you would be interested in creating a mood theme for use there... and undoubtedly by our individual members. What I had in mind was a set of pixelated/animated SessDogs. In the series, Sesshoumaru is able to take on canine form, and a chibi version of this would be perfect for all of his fangirls. Basically, he's a big white dog with red eyes, a crescent moon on the middle of his forehead, and magenta stripes framing his mouth.

Many artists cutsey him up. For instance: 

Under the cut, I've included a few screencaps from the anime. I can provide more if necessary.



 I was wondering if you could make me a Shaymin pokemon mood theme?  I've tried finding one, but, I failed.  I'd like for it to be done in pixel by pixel, if that's okay. ^-^  Thank you so much~


Heads up!

If you make or use mood themes you might wanna read this: Clicky!

Request - Hyenas?

Hi everyone,
I just found this community today by looking up who has made the cute umbreon mood theme a user here is using and couldn't believe you're taking requests.

It's awesome what you're doing here. The mood themes are simple pretty, so I wondered if there's a chance for me to get a hyena mood theme from you.
I'm looking for one for ages, but couldn't find one =/
I'd love to have a cute, animated hyena mood theme with realistic colors and hope this is possible, because hyenas deserve love too :>

Thank you in advance and keep up the great work! =D


::I have to ask::

Poll #1516504 Seriously, I had to...

Who do you prefer? Coco or Leno?

Conan O'Brien
Don't care

Dear commooniteh~

Hi again everyone!
TC1 here with an announcement:
We aren't taking any requests at this time because our slots are full up right now. All of these requests came all of a sudden at the beginning of the year! Sorry everyone! What with the new year and all, our real lives take precedence, as well as the requests that came before. Please try again later. <3 (I hope to perhaps collaborating on the octopus one. I may have a vote for which style of octopus to use...)
Have a happy new year and thanks for watching! :)


When my slots are open again I will go do the requests from earliest to latest. If you delete your request I will assume you don't want the theme anymore. Of course everyone else can take up the requests too, it isn't restricted to the two of us ^_^
~Added by sapphire_heaven :: Agreed with by turquoiseczech1

Side note: Remember ppl, with pixel art, you have to start small and be willing to screw up and go from there. :) That's the only way you'll get any better. :D