Animal moodthemes and more!

Animal moodthemes and more!
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This community is a place to go for animal and other cute moodthemes! <3

This is a community created for making moodthemes out of animal pictures. There are plenty of movie, movie actor, famous people ones, but no animals!
What's up with that?
Well, I don't know. But, now there's at least one.

.::Especially featured in this community are pixel animal moodthemes::.

* Made on Monday, March 19th, 2007

Request taking is now: CLOSED

Important Notes:

How to request a moodtheme:
In a new post, request ONE mood theme you would like made, giving as much specifics as possible, including adding the tag 'request' to the entry. If you can include photos of them, especially in different moods, that would be VERY helpful.
~Your post will get an answer eventually, so just leave it there.
~DON'T delete it if you want it done and don't mind waiting.

When taking/downloading a moodtheme:
PLEASE COMMENT! We work hard on these! We want to know if people like and use them! Thank you! x3

1) You can request an animal/cute thing/thing you like that no one else has done/thing you can't find that has been done for a moodtheme, even if you don't join, and I or sapphire_heaven will make one for you. If you get angry (more than just frustrated which is fine) that it's too slow at any point , I will quit making it for you and tell you to go away.

~~~Please specify if you want your moodtheme pictures to be drawn pixel by pixel or if you want a photo/picture one. ^_^

2) Please make moodthemes! Users who make moodthemes and add them here are extremely welcome!! Moodtheme makers who are willing to take up requests are very much needed and welcome as well. But, join anyway if you're just here to get them. That's what this community's here for. ^^

3) If you have a pet who is photogenic (or even if they're not, but you have a lot of pictures of them) and you aren't moodtheme savvy, one of us can make one for you, no problem. Refer to Note 1 about the angry thing. Let us know with a post containing pictures (and the tag 'request').

4) sapphire_heaven is especially good at animals, whereas I, turquoiseczech1, have more of a grasp (sort of) on humanoid pixel by pixel art. Just thought I'd mention that.

5) This is a community for animal and other cute moodthemes. As sad as it is that so many forbid requests, this community will not accept requests that have nothing to do with this community. If you want a community that isn't an animal or something cute, please look elsewhere. ^^;

Speaking of elsewhere, here are our affiliates!
fandom_moods: Also takes requests and has tons of famous people, movie, tv and anime moodthemes. Lots of fandom moods ;3
mood_mania: Doesn't take requests, but has so many moodthemes. @_@ They have a wide variety of mood themes since it's a place for everybody and anybody to post mood sets.

For now: We are both filled up with mood theme requests, so you probably won't get a comment from us for awhile about your requests. Please continue to request them anyway. :)


Rule #1: Please only request one moodtheme at a time.

Rule #2: You must use your LJ at least a few times a month to qualify for a request.

Rule #3: Please credit turquoiseczech1, sapphire_heaven, evilgrins or cute_moodthemes (Crediting in your profile is the easiest way and the only way I can think of to credit). sapphire_heaven has rules specific to her listed in her mood theme completion log.

Rule #4: NO DIRECT LINKING ALLOWED (except for when evilgrins says it's ok for his mood sets). Just sign up for a free image host account and upload them from your hard drive to the image hosting website.

If you would like to link to cute_moodthemes or are crediting this community, feel free to use one of the images. (Please save the image on your own image hosting account. ^^)

~If you don't know how to turn a picture into a link, let me know.

Also, if you don't know how to do moodthemes with the admin console, there is an instructional html file I have available for download in this entry:
Click here! Note: I will still leave the link here while I fix the broken link to the moodtheme.txt file.

Thanks for reading! :)